Norfolk Sheep Farm

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Doppelhaus fabrics are 100% British Wool. So we decided to investigate sheep farming in the UK.

Richard Little invited me to his farm in Norfolk.

He took me around to meet his flock. We were accompanied by his wonderful Sheep Dogs.

We chatted non-stop about how to farm sheep ethically, how to manage a large flock and how often the Wool industry yields a small return for the farmer.

A sheep farmer has to have a huge well of knowledge, I learned this first hand when Richard commanded his three dogs to fetch a large flock upwards of 50 sheep from the back of the field! I was awe struck, impressed and honoured to witness this round up.

When we pulled back in to the farmyard, Richard showed me a beautiful, naturally felted fleece, this was a beautiful object that objectified my vision for Doppelhaus. That Fleece, like all our fabrics going forward, I thought will be in good hands.