6th Future Fabrics Expo

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London’s sixth annual Future Fabrics Expo (January 25­26) focused on showcasing and promoting world­ leading
sustainable materials and research for fashion. The event hosted a diverse selection of textiles, fibres and
products that embody a range of eco­friendly principles and new technologies.

Curated by not­for­profit organisation The Sustainable Angle, individual fabrics are sourced from suppliers and
mills that demonstrate a commitment to lowering environmental impact across the textile supply chain. Each fabric
meets criteria based on water, waste or energy consumption and biodiversity. A labelling system of symbols helps
visitors to navigate the samples.

Dopelhaus were thrilled to showcase our fabrics for the first time this January. Our fabrics we’re displayed concisely beautifully. The whole exhibition at Earls Court felt like stepping in to a High Definition Virtual reality.

I (Martin) had worked one of the shows for Nina Marenzi (Director) and Amanda Johnston (Curator) before during my experience as a Kering Award finalist in 2015. So I was thrilled to see them both again and congratulate them on the success of the show.

It was incredible to attend and listen to seminars by the likes of.. Peter Melchett (former head of Greenpeace) and representatives from G.O.T.S and the Higgs Index.

See you next time & thank you @sustainableang