Yolanda Leask and Martin Brambley Met when they were very small. Both remained close throughout their Textile, Fashion and Art Education. When Yolanda moved To Berlin to study Textiles and Martin to London to study Fashion, the Brand Doppelhaus was created to bond them both together in a 'Double House' that represents both the creativity of Berlin and the Energy and Capital of London.

Both Martin and Yolanda serendipitously formed an interest in sustainability. While competing for the Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion Martin and Yolanda saw an opportunity to collaborate and create a company that focused on helping Fashion houses reduce their environmental profit and loss.  

By reducing the Supply chain, utilising British wool fibre and overseeing the whole manufacturing process from fibre to fabric: Doppelhaus aims to address the increasing sustainability guidelines in fashion companies. We offer 100% British Wool Fabrics.  Our Method of producing textiles is significantly cheaper, faster and efficient than conventional methods. Doppelhaus offers textiles constructed directly from British wool fibres, with no need for yarns.